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In today’s mini episode, an electric eel was found the in the garden's pond and Leo was shocked at its presence! Considering the fact that there are other fishes living in the pond, the Junior Rangers travel to South America to bring the eel back to its natural home. Want to learn more about the electric eel we saw in today’s episode? Click here to watch its animal diary - https://youtu.be/n9inEnSzelI and Hero's Mini Mission here - https://youtu.be/gmF7iXs8rxs For more mini episodes featuring Leo, Katie, Hero and the junior adventurers, click here for the minisodes playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA-RYYjNwigu0026list=PLUURbUaOQdAOsg-VuSDu_iaFCOCHpIj7Wu0026index=1 Click here to subscribe so you never miss a single amazing animal animation! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC97bMqA6HrUEw-yNqssyBrQ?sub_confirmation=1 Hi everybody, welcome to my channel! My name is Leo and I am a Junior Ranger. Come join me on my adventures into the animal kingdom to explore animal behaviour like you’ve never seen it before. Mini episodes, animal diaries and cartoon compilations, all to help teach you about the glorious animal world. Learn more about me and my adventures at - http://www.leowildliferanger.com/
Electric Eel - Leo the Wildlife Ranger Minisode #151Electric Eel - Leo the Wildlife Ranger Minisode #151Electric Eel - Leo the Wildlife Ranger Minisode #151Electric Eel - Leo the Wildlife Ranger Minisode #151
Electric Eel - Leo the Wildlife Ranger Minisode #151